About Us

Spooler Rentals is a dedicated division of Mooring Systems Limited based in Aberdeen, the oil capital of Europe and home to some of the most innovative and technically advanced engineering companies in the world.

Spooler Rentals was created to provide a one-stop-shop for engineers and project managers who require reliable, efficient and adaptable systems for a specific project.

We have our own warehouse and quayside facility in Montrose operating round the clock every day of the year.

Our spooling units range from 16 tonne to 400 tonne capacity, are industry leading and exhibit an array of features unique to our product line.

We deliver solid, no-nonsense engineering expertise that provides outstanding service life and reliability, backed up with outstanding levels of support from our technicians and service personnel

We have worked hard to establish an unrivalled reputation for performance, delivery and customer service and become one of the world’s leading independent providers of spooling equipment.

We let our track record speak for itself - click here to view a list of successful rojects and satisfies clients we have worked with over the years. 

Suffice to say our equipment has been successfully deployed and field tested in the world’s most challenging offshore environments including the North Atlantic, North Sea and the Far East with outstanding performance characteristics and service record.

We have a series of spoolers and associated equipment, including Manuli hose, QCDC Bow Loading System and more than 20,000ft of new Vicinay 76m Grade R4 stud link anchor chain in stock.  For more information visit the Mooring Systems Limited website.

We trust that you can find everything you require for your specific project within our website, but please contact us if you wish to find about more about how Spooler Rentals can save you time and money.

Features and benefits

All our equipment is manufactured to the highest industry standards and complies with the latest Lloyd’s Register regulations and comes with certified lifting requirement.

All our spoolers can be transported by road to the nearest port of embarkation. This is a great benefit that can save a tremendous amount of time and money.

Our equipment is fully marinised and can operate on deck in the harshest environments. It is also optimised to eliminate onsite downtime. 


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