Custom built to handle Manuli flexible riser hose this unit can accommodate 1100 metres of 8”O.D flexible pipe or 4000 metres of 4”O.D product.

Similar to all of our spooler range in that it is fully road transportable.  It is configured to be powered from the deployment vessel’s own electrical system making it the ideal solution where a vessel with restricted storage capacity is utilised. 


Load capacity of drum 120 tonnes
Line pull 12 tonnes
Brake holding capacity 195knm
Hydraulic motor Hagglunds
Hydraulic pump Denison
Powered source 100 kva generator (or 400 v ships supply)
Revolution time 40 seconds
SWL lifting beam 65 tonnes
Unit weight 23 tonnes
Spool guide weight 3.5 tonnes
Foundation steel work 2 tonnes x 2


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